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07:00 pm: Czeching Back in
Our last morning in Bratislava, Teddy discovered the mole on my leg while playing tent under the sheet. He said “mole” quite clearly, then took a tour of my others.

He wasn't over his McDonald's bellyache, so he didn't eat much. Instead, he played “bobbing for nipples,” in which he'd repeatedly bounced his mouth against my chest. It was more fun for him than for me.

He decided quite early (before Peter had brought back breakfast) that it was Time to Go, so he helped get himself and me dressed: bringing me the correct items of clothing, pushing his stroller to the door, and saying "bye bye."

When we got to the train station, we could tell that he hadn't eaten and that his nap had been insufficient, as he would SCREAM unless we kept the stroller moving and stayed outside. After he ate some French fries (served in a plastic drink cup), he calmed down some.

The train trip was not that fun. For starters, we were on a regional train, so it stopped about every 15 minutes. And there was no first-class car, so we were crowded in with the hoi polloi. :sniff!: By which I mean we had one person in our compartment for a short time. The compartment wasn't as nice as first class had been, but it certainly wasn't bad. Peter said the bathroom was filthy though, so I held it 'til we got back.

I did see a couple of HUGE rabbits from the train. Chernobyl? (Ha ha, that's a standard Eastern European joke, really.) I also saw some pheasants. And a. whole. lot. of. empty. fields. No knitting, no reading, because there was no napping. BLARGH.

We stayed in Ždár for a little while, to check out the city. I mostly wanted a bigger bookstore, to get more Czech books for Teddy. It turned out that the bookstore is smaller than the one in Nové Mĕsto Na Moravĕ, with a craptastic selection of kids' books, so I didn't get anything. And Teddy was having fits the whole time. He was so tired and cranky, the poor boy. He wanted to walk. He wanted to walk THAT WAY. And he wanted to poke his wee hands into the dirty snow.

I was intrigued by “The Swing Club,” though it was not clear whether there was dancing at all, and I was dissuaded from the notion that any dancing would be swing. Dammit. Not that I had an easy way to get back there at a suitable time for dancing, but I liked the idea that it was possible.

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