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07:00 pm: Czech, please
Vacation with a baby is not unlike every day with a baby. You sure don't get to sleep in (dammit), you don't get to either sit around and do nothing or go gallivanting off to do whatever you like, and you don't dare change routines any more than you have to. Not that missing work is a huge heartache (I like my job a lot; I like being with Teddy even more), but it doesn't feel hugely different.

Teddy didn't have a special place at Miloš and Helen's apartment to sit and contemplate Important Things in Life (like new toys or cookies or whatever), so we made one for him, doubling over a towel on the floor. He sat quite happily on it, to practice drinking from a cup. Alas, he was still faking us out: he drank beautifully and neatly until we quit watching, whereupon he dumped his drink down his shirt.

He curled up in the new special place to "sleep" while clutching a pickle. Things I should've captured on film, but missed. Dammit.

We walked into town to try to log on to the web, and to buy some vegetables (I hadn't had any since we returned from Bratislava, where I'd had a grand total of two servings in three days). So we bought a broccoli crown and a carrot. (We did see a vegetarian Czech cookbook in the bookstore. Do you suppose it was 365 ways to cook potatoes and cabbage? And pickles, of course.)

To my frustration, I couldn’t log on to work email because of the keyboard. Czech keyboards have letters in different places, plus all sorts of extra characters (usually four characters per key: lower-case, upper-case, and two random things that I really wanted to get but couldn't, no matter what combination of keys I pressed).

Peter had stayed with Teddy, hoping to get him to sleep, while I tried to log on. I came out fuming, expecting all kinds of sympathy, but didn't ever express my frustration. Teddy had smooshed his finger in the stroller, and there was blood all over the place. He was sleeping by then, but Peter had had to comfort him through great misery and anxiety.

It certainly put my keyboard problems into perspective. It was SO awful seeing Teddy hurt. I hate his pain more than anything in the world.

Of course, I wanted to get right back to the apartment and clean him up, but after his (all-too-short) nap, he wanted to practice “stairs” (curbs). Up the curb, down the curb, up the curb, down the curb... until he fell (onto his hands, ouch!) and needed comfort more than excitement.

On the way back to my in-laws' apartment, he had his first trips down a slide –- solo and with Daddy. I did capture that milestone on camera (though the pickle-sleep was cuter).

After getting patched up (and dealing with band-aid trauma -- Teddy hates them, but was mollified when I wore one too) and having a Mommy-Baby nap (aaaah!), we had a nice walk to see McMansions, Czech-style. They can be had for $100K! 4 (or more) bedrooms, 2 (or more) baths, beautiful woodwork, modern kitchens, central heat and AC, swimming pools, nice yards, all the amenities (though probably not clothes dryers). It's better than Alabama!

Of course, then you have to live in Southeast Overshoe, Czech Republic, which has its charms... but not enough of them to make the real estate worth it, for me.

Prague, on the other hand? I could be convinced.

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