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07:30 am: Haney's Index: Vacation Edition
Airplane KM flown: 13,278 (8,251 miles)
Train KM: 749 (465 miles)
Car KM: 362 (225 miles)
Walking (hours; KM unknown): 30
Hours of Lois & Clark watched: 11.25
Stitches knit: 16,000
Books read (adult): 1
ABCs readings: ~60
Tři Prasatka readings: ~30
Good Night, Moon readings: 12
Disposable bibs tried: ~10
Disposable bibs that stayed on: 1
Salt consumed: 60-120g
US RDA salt consumption: 33.6g
UK RDA salt consumption: 22.4g
Potatoes consumed: 30 cups
ATM withdrawals made: 9 (13, including debit Visa charges)
Czech exchange rate: 0.23 Kč/$
Slovakian exchange rate: 0.302 SKK/$
Euro exchange rate: 1.246 €/$ (though we bought our only euros at AAA, which was a huge ripoff)
U.S. chocolate cost (premium, 100g bar): $2.50
CZ chocolate cost: 18.40 Kč (63¢)
SL chocolate cost: 23 SKK (62¢)
Delta beer cost: $0
Nové Mĕsto Na Moravĕ beer cost: $0.70
Bratislava beer cost: $1.50
Praha (Staré Mĕsto) beer cost: $3.50
Praha (near the train station) beer cost: $1.20

I've added back-dated entries about our vacation, starting here.

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