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05:00 pm: Czech over
Teddy woke up happy our last day in the Czech Republic, smiling and cooing, but with his eyes closed.

We got to the airport on time, after what seemed a very long taxi ride. I remember that from our last trip, too: you drive through neighborhoods (one of which is where the embassies are, and they're lovely), not on the highway, to get to the airport. Nice scenery.

There was a great deal of confusion at the check-in counter. The clerk didn't understand Peter's electronic ticket and was put on hold endlessly when she called Delta. I'd been told when we checked in at Logan that everything we needed was in one little packet, so that's all I gave the clerk in Prague. Turns out that Teddy's "ticket" (which is not a seat ticket, but sort of get-him-on-the-plane ticket) was in a separate packet. After two airline employees futzed around for at least 20 minutes (and Peter asked, at my request, whether they needed anything else, which they denied), I handed over all the other papers I had (which I thought were all ticket stubs). Zip-zip-zowie, we were checked in.

It sure would've helped if they'd let us know what they were looking for. :sigh:

Teddy slept on the first leg of our flight, to Charles de Gaulle in Paris (I've never been anywhere else in Paris; isn't that pathetic?)

After we landed, they announced that all Boston passengers should check in with the crew outside the plane. I was very concerned, as the flight was late and Peter's ticket said there was a 45-minute shuttle ride to the new terminal.

It turns out we were the only Boston passengers, so we got a private van ride across the airport (with no car seat for Teddy -- eek!) to the new terminal. We then had to go through security again, where I was asked to pick which bag they would search. Pretty secure, eh?

And of course our gate was at the opposite end of the terminal. :sigh: Since our tickets were clearly marked "beverage service only," and there's no way I can go 7 hours during the day with beverages only, Peter stopped to buy sandwiches while I carried Teddy to the gate to check in, because our tickets were clearly marked "check-in required."

I don't think I will ever trust again what a ticket is marked. No check-in was required (and I obviously alarmed the gate personnel by :gasp: going to the desk)... and the first thing we got from the flight attendants (after eating one of the yummy sandwiches Peter bought, naturally) was the menu for the full meal we would be served (the first of two meals, though the second was smaller).

The trip to Boston was long and boring and difficult, but it's over now, with memories of Teddy trying to eat towelettes (MAMAMAMA! don't take that away! it's all lemony goodness!).

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