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09:00 pm: Condiments
Condiments in Eastern Europe are... different. The ubiquitous pickles are neither sweet (blech) nor sour, but somewhere between the two. Ketchup is spicy (and it's served on ham and cheese, eeew). Sandwiches have butter on them. There are 40 gazillion different kinds of mayo, with different spices. Hot dogs have more mustard on them than hot dog. They put onions on French toast (but it's not a breakfast food; it's a light dinner food).

And then there's the salt. I know that salt isn't technically a condiment, but there's so very much of it that it should be considered one. Salt on everything. Visible salt.

I wonder what the statistics are for heart problems amongst Eastern Europeans? Between the abundance of salt and fat and the lack of vegetables, I would think heart problems would be rampant.

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