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08:08 am: The Joys of Bi- (multi?) lingualism
This morning in the car, Teddy was practicing "bus."

"Teddy, a dog!"

"Bus. Bus. Bus. BUS!"

"Bye-bye, Teddy!"

"BUS! Bus. Bus."

Over the weekend, he started saying "ptáček," which is Czech for "bird."

"TAcheh. TAcheh. TAcheh."

I didn't know he'd learned a new word, so I thought he was saying, um, something random. Meaningful, of course, because everything he says seems to have meaning, at least to him, but random. I did the usual: "Really? How interesting! Can you tell me more?" This clearly was not satisfying Teddy, as he kept insisting "TAcheh! TAcheh!" So I tried guessing: "Toy? Teddy? Table?" Until Peter came in and told me what he was saying.

He also learned the sign for "gentle," to our great glee. He's sometimes just a wee bit rough, as when he grabs Peter's hair or my nose, for instance, and we're hoping knowing the word will help him execute the behavior. We'll see.

To Teddy, "pavouček" (cute little spider, or spidey, as Peter says) is a verb. Specifically, it's what Teddy and I do to Peter when he wakes up. (This was Peter's invention, so he only has himself to blame). I'll say "Let's pavouček Daddy!" and Teddy will try to pull, jump on, and tickle Peter.

Good times.

But the language differences could get mighty confusing.

Current Mood: confusedhappy, but confused
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