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06:00 am: quick change
Last night was weird, in a good way.

Teddy nuRsed well (he's working hard on getting the R into "nurse," screwing up his face and pursing his lips) early in the evening. When it was time for bed, he sat next to me while I read "Good Night, Moon" (he always nurses when I read it). He then took the book, carried it to the other side of the bed, and carefully put it away on Peter's bedside table, where we keep it.

He toddled back over to me, nursed for a few minutes, then carefully settled himself in on the pillow next to my head (he always falls asleep lying snug up against my body). He held my hair for a minute or two, then turned over and went to sleep (he has never voluntarily let go my hair as he falls to sleep).

And he didn't wake up at 10, for the first time since we returned from vacation.

Dare I hope? Could this be the Dawn of a New Sleeping Era?


* * * * *

This morning, he didn't want fruit. He didn't want to stand on the counter. He didn't want Elmo. He wanted to go for a walk. NOW (went to the closet, got his hat, grabbed my hand, etc.). As much as I want to encourage him to be active, walks in our respective PJs Ain't Gonna Happen.

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