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07:00 am: Czech this out?
Teddy had Something Very Important to Say this morning. Unfortunately, neither Peter nor I has any idea what that Something was. He was looking and pointing at the ceiling, or high on the wall, and saying "MOOOOO!"

or "MU." Or "WU." Or something.

"Moon, Teddy? It's day-time; you can't see the moon. Oh! Do you want your book? [Good Night, Moon]"


"Move? What do you want to move?"

His look indicates that this was an asinine question.

"Are you sure you don't mean moon? It's dark in the picture [over the bed], but there's no moon." [soto voce to Peter: "there's no moon in that picture, is there?"]

In apparent disgust, Teddy slides down from the bed, picks up Good Night, Moon from the floor, sticks it in my hand, scrambles back up again, and shows me how to open the book.

"Good night, moon?"

no, dummy, turn the page.

He points to the house.


"That's a house, Teddy."





He pounds on the picture of the house.

"Vlk?" ("Wolf" in Czech; his book of Three Little Pigs shows the wolf lurking behind the house.)


I still have no idea what the heck he was saying, but he eventually gave up on me.

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