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06:00 am: over-heated
Teddy and Peter spent lots of time outside yesterday, running around and enjoying the sunshine. When they came in, Teddy climbed onto my lap and made the sign for "hot," which indeed he was. So I took off all his clothes and gave him some water. He preferred nursing, however. And who wouldn't?Because when you're over-heated, there's nothing to cool you down like a nice, 97.5º drink.

I don't know if it was the exercise, the heat, all the food he ate (almost all fruit, but lots of it), or what, but Teddy had a great night: two 4-hour shifts*, then two 1.5-hour shifts.

He woke up laughing, read his Find the Duck and Traktor books, then toddled over to turn off the radio when the alarm went off (stopping to dance a bit on the way).

Unfortunately(?), he can't reach the radio yet, but it was a fine effort.

* It was entirely my fault that I was awake for much of the second 4-hour shift.

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