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06:28 am: Dirty Boy
This will be Teddy's first walking summer. He was standing and cruising last summer, but nowhere near mobile enough to be capable of great mischief.

We took him to the park together yesterday for the first time, and I found myself very sad at how dirty he got. While I have my obsessive-compulsive moments, it wasn't the dirt that bothered me; rather, it was the possibility of dirt. My precious little baby, He with the Stinky Butt and Sticky Hands, is now capable of all-out filth. He can, and does, revel in the dirt.

His delight in throwing sand around, shifting random fistfuls from one spot in the playground to another, was charming (if baffling). He would select exactly the right clump, scoop it up, and run to another spot to throw it down.

He also had a few gleeful (then suddenly less gleeful, for no apparent reason) minutes on the swing, and several quite marvelous runs down the various slides, both solo and with Daddy.

But mostly he was All About The Dirt. Slide? Ok, sure. Swing? Fine, for a few minutes. Other little boys his age? That could be interes.. Wait! There's more dirt!

When he started rubbing his eyes with his sandy hands, we left the park. As we walked home, I saw that my sweet little baby had scrapes and bruises on his legs, dirt streaked on his face, sand all over his clothes (and, I later found, in his diaper)... he was a mess. An adorable mess, but a mess.

He'll always be my baby, but now he's my little boy, too.

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Date:May 31st, 2006 04:34 pm (UTC)

I understand

This was the first weekend that Nicolas really got "dirty" since the weather is finally nice. And boy did he get dirty. Alas, he also loves sand and flinging it around. And I've noticed over the past couple of days that he has all kinds of scrapes and bumps and bruises on his little legs and arms from his various adventures and falls (especially those on the driveway or concrete walk - yikes!). I suppose I would say "boys will be boys" having never had a girl, but perhaps all kids this age are into all of this stuff.
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Date:June 5th, 2006 06:47 pm (UTC)

toddlers will be toddlers

I seem to recall that Charlotte gets her share of boo-boos too.

:sigh: They're all growing up.
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