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05:26 am: whine, whine, whine
Friday evening was tough. Peter is usually the crabby one on Fridays, but this week I was. Teddy was full of beans, but unfortunately not full of the peas I made him for dinner. Instead, he smooshed those all over his high chair. And the floor. And his clothes.

His high chair was already in dire need of cleaning, so I disconnected all the straps, removed the cover, vacuumed the joints, and wiped it all down. When I went to soak the straps in bleach, I splashed bleach on the cuff of one of the only pairs of pants I have that really fits. (Only the cuff, but still.)

When we went to bed, Teddy was jumping all over the place, getting in and out of bed, demanding more books and more nursing. Fed up, I finally rolled over and said "it's time to go to sleep, Teddy." He sat next to me and babbled for a while, then lay down and went to sleep.


* * * * *

Peter tells me the audition went well. We'll see if Teddy gets the job. College money is good. And our accountant will be happy if he has more income against which to write off the BabyGap expenses.

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Date:June 11th, 2006 11:57 am (UTC)
ugh, that sucks about your pants. i did that years ago -- finally found a pair of jeans that fit really well, and put them on as soon as i got home... my mom asked me to scrub the bathroom, and as i cleaned the tub i knelt down on a droplet on "scrubbing bubbles with bleach". i wanted to rip the tub out with my bare hands, i was so mad.
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