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06:00 am: hush, doodle monkey
Teddy has taken to chiming in "hush," along with the old lady whispering hush in "Good Night, Moon." He understands that "hush" and "shh" (ssh?) are the same thing, and that they mean "shut the heck up."

He had a second, late nap yesterday (his first, early one having proved insufficient), and thus did not go to sleep quickly at bed-time.

He spent more than an hour climbing all over me and talking to himself, but very quietly.

"Hush doodle doodle," he whispered. Over and over and over. As he poked his tiny, surprisingly painful fists and feet into my squishy bits.

But I finally got my opening. When the clock changed to 8:00, he said "B!"

"That's right, sweetie, B," I said. "B is for BED."

Strangely enough, he took the hint.

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