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10:29 am: Poop Machine & Booger King
In a continuing theme of bodily excretions, here are two more names Peter's used for Teddy recently. "Poop Machine" is generally sung to the tune of "Sex Machine," with James Brown's grunts and groans added for Teddy's listening pleasure. He finds the JB dance, with body jiggling and butt wriggling, quite hilarious. Could this be a sign that he's a future Westie?

I'd never thought I'd look forward to seeing a little kid pick his nose until Teddy. Now I realize the magnitude of such an occasion: it would mean my not having to pick it for him. What a day that will be!

My familiarity with Teddy's various bodily outputs seems both very strange and completely natural (both true, of course). I knew that wiping his behind and cleaning his nooks and crannies would happen. Boogers? Really hadn't thought about those. I don't hesitate to excavate the nasty bits that make his breathing a wee bit harder or that sully his perfect little face.

But I do look forward to the day when I don't have to do it for him.

Current Mood: calmaccepting
Current Music: kicking chimes on the playmat -- quite melodic, really
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