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08:00 pm: Entr'acte
It is a warm summer evening. MOMMY and TEDDY are in the bathroom. TEDDY is providing a tour of bathtub art, erased in fact but vivid in memory. MOMMY is brushing her teeth, braiding her hair, and washing her face.

TEDDY: Bus. Kitty. Truck. Moon.
MOMMY: [garbled by toothbrush] Yes, Teddy. We drew in the bathtub.
TEDDY: Mouse. Bus. Stars.
MOMMY realizes that her drawing ability is severely limited.
MOMMY: [still garbled, and now somewhat dismayed] Uh huh.
TEDDY: Elephant. Bus.
MOMMY: Yes Teddy.

MOMMY: OK, Mommy's all done. What is it time for now, Teddy?
MOMMY: That's right. What else?
TEDDY: Hush. {Good Night, Moon}
MOMMY: What else?
TEDDY does a happy dance on the bathmat.

* * * * *

It was Peter's turn to read, so Teddy had full range of motion for nursing (instead of being limited by my holding the book). So he rolled me onto my back, latched on, then arched his back and bent his legs.

It looked as though I was nursing a very large frog wearing dinosaur pajamas.

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