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06:30 am: bathing, napping, nursing
Teddy is still chasing phantom bus drawings in the tub, insisting there are pictures where there are none. Or maybe he's telling me to draw them. I have tried drawing them with my finger, but that doesn't seem to satisfy him. And he keeps pointing to places where I've drawn buses before.

His most recent game is drumming on the side of the bathtub, slapping down to make a joyful noise and scatter water.

He's also been trying to close the bathtub drain with his toes (just like Mama!). He can't brace against the back of the tub (duh -- too short), and he can't get leverage when he's floating, but he keeps on trying.

He has his first swim class of the summer this morning, so there will be More Water News tomorrow.

* * * * *

The fake naps have taken on new dimensions. He's now fake snoring (hard to distinguish from his piggy-grunt noises) and fake talking in his sleep ("mumble mumble hush doodle").

* * * * *

The Sniffing of the Foods is quite entertaining, but seems to be keeping Teddy from trying (cow) milk. No matter the container it's served in or the type of milk contained therein, Teddy takes a whiff... and then takes a pass.

He also sniffs my boobs before nursing sometimes, which is hilarious. Fortunately, he thinks the container and type are worthy.

Afterward, he sits back with a big grin and says "Mmmmm."

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