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06:00 pm: I love you?
I think Teddy said "I love you" today! Once, and not distinctly, but that's what I heard, that's my story, and I'm going to cherish that (likely faulty) memory forever, dammit.

We started our day with a walk to the beach, so that we wouldn't wake the people in the house who perhaps aren't accustomed to waking at 5:45, who perhaps think there's a distinction between vacation and non-vacation sleep patterns. People other than Teddy, in other words.

So we ambled to the O.B. public beach (100 of my father's steps; perhaps 1000 of Teddy's), then climbed on benches, inspected plants ("weed!" Teddy proudly proclaimed, which of course I heartily praised, since I don't know the difference between a weed and, say, a rare and protected plant species, so what the heck).

When we returned, Teddy kept telling me he had a boo-boo on his wrist. I finally realized (light dawns over Marblehead) that he was distressed at the wrinkle marks his PJs left on his skin. You know... the ones that you get when something presses against your skin? He has occasionally thought that a button-mark on my belly was a boo-boo.

Those PJs will be out of circulation for a little while, at least.

On a happier bed-time note, Teddy totally digs the glow-in-the-dark stars on the bedroom ceiling.

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