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05:00 pm: Beach Baby
Teddy had his first trip to the beach this year. Last year, he liked the seaweed and the sand and the cold water — until it got to his groin, whereupon he decided he'd really rather not.

This year, he practically threw himself into the water. He wasn't crazy about the taste, but everything else was just fantastic — even cold water on his critical bits. He ran into the ocean and sat in the surf, laughing his little butt off.

There were bushels of seashells (the ones shaped like slippers; what are those shells?) strewn on the sand. Crunchy and somewhat painful underfoot, but glorious fun for filling a bucket.

And then there was the sand. Oh the sand! Bucket upon bucket to be moved from one part of the beach to the other, while maximizing its distribution over Teddy's person. We learned after one afternoon (after 4 pm, of course, because our boy is very, very pale and we want to keep him that way; despite the self-consciousness I felt at the Inkwell, skin cancer ain't worth keeping up with the [African-American] Jones' tans) that his diaper has to come off in the outdoor shower, rather than indoors.

It's amazing how much sand a diaper can hold.

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