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06:30 pm: A Great Adventure
This morning, Teddy and I walked to town to get breakfast.

I didn't want to wake anyone (that being most of the reason we were leaving, after all), so I didn't take the stroller. So we both walked, except when Teddy rode the Mama Express (which later became the Mama Regional, as Mama was too tired to Express any more).

We stopped for many visits with our old friends on the beach — the benches, weeds, and birds — on the way, then went through the park to make new friends — more birds, some flowers, dogs and their people, and cigarette butts (NO Teddy!). Teddy was also fascinated by the sprinklers, but I successfully distracted him, mostly with more dogs and their people.

After picking up breakfast, which fascinated Teddy far more while in the case than after it was removed, we headed home again through town. We stopped to look at, and attempt to pick up, every. rock. on. the. way.

I was not a good Mama. I was completely fed up (also quite hot, crampy, and hungry), so I would carry him until my back started to spasm, put him down, tell him (again and again and again) the rocks weren't his and that he could not take them, scoop him up when he started to get insistent, and start all over again.

I had a shower to rinse off when we got home. Before I ate any apple fritter. That's how disgusting I was.

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