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05:30 am: Home Again
Teddy is showing great progress in swimming class. He happily chimes in with "1, 2, 3, jump!" as he jumps into the pool/falls off the side. Last year, I had to hold a toy in my mouth to get him to come to me; this year, I had trouble getting him to stop jumping long enough to sing another song.

He also sang along with the goodbye song ("goodbye Teddy, goodbye Teddy, goodbye Teddy, we're glad you came to swim"). After everyone sang to him, he hummed along and waved at all the other kids while we sang to them. Cute.

We had dinner with my friend Donna. Teddy wasn't sure, at first, whether he wanted anyone else at our table, where he'd been having a grand time drawing (2 placemats! crayons! the bus possibilities were virtually endless!). He wouldn't look at her and was generally acting shy. Donna won him over quickly, however; she has four grandkids and is fabulous with them (between the finger monster, peek-a-boo, and hand-slapping games, she can keep a kid happy for hours... wonderful person, Donna). By the time we left, Teddy waved bye-bye merrily.

After a bath to remove the spaghetti sauce from all over his body, we went to bed. Peter rubbed my feet with lotion (lucky me), which Teddy thinks is fantastic... he jumped off the bed repeatedly to try to grab the lotion. Finally, he wiped some off my foot, tasted it and said "mmm MMM, shun!"

um? Yuk.

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